NE Scientific

NE Scienitfic, or NES, develops novel software for guiding oncological ablations with the goal of ensuring the complete eradication of the tumor.

NES is the creator a line of products named Accublate  which supports CT-guided percutaneous thermal ablations of liver, lung, and kidney tumors. Accublate supports both Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) and Micro Wave Ablation (MWA), and, within these two technologies, multiple ablation systems from multiple vendors.

Percutaneous thermal ablation is a common form of treatment for certain types of tumors. Because of lack of direct view of the tissues (percutaneous procedure), it is challenging for physicians to to judge when the tumor as been completely treated, and the procedure might be terminated when a portion of the tumor is still  untreated. This leads to recurrence of the tumor.

The Accublate line of products uses technologies developed by NES to overlay to the intraoperative CT images computer-generated information which indicates which portion of the tumor might be treated at any point during the procedure. This permits a visual assessment of whether the tumor might be fully treated or only partially treated, and of which tissues might still need treatment.

Our goal is to eliminate, or reduce, the re-occurrence cases, by providing novel guidance software which integrates seamlessly into the current clinical workflow.