We are elated to report that today we have got IRB approval for a clinical trial for our surgical guidance software for percutaneous ablation of liver cancer. The trial will be conducted at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. The guidance software is designed to help physicians in better targeting tissues to be treated, with the specific aim of ensuring that no portions of the tumor are left behind untreated – a common problem in today’s procedures, where in approximately 24% of cases (for tumors 3cm to 5cm in size) small portions of tumor are inadvertently left behind and result later in recurrence. The trial will asses recurrence rates in 52 patients undergoing liver cancer ablation, where the physician will be using our guidance software. We hope to be able to show significantly decreased rates of recurrence.

The development of the guidance software and the trial have been sponsored by the National Cancer Institute through SBIR Phase I and Phase II projects.