It is extremely exciting to report that we are recipients of the Johnson & Johnson’s QuickFire Challenge (QFC) Lung Cancer Innovation Award. This is a competition organized by J&J, open world-wide, soliciting proposals for improving the prevention or the treatment of lung cancer. We have participated to the QFC proposing to apply the technologies we are developing for improving thermal ablation of liver cancer to the treatment of lung cancer. NE Scientific resulted to be one of the 3 companies winning the award, which consists in the admission to the JLABS incubation program and in a $250,000 contribution in non-dilutive funding.

It is very exciting to report as well that we are associated with JLABS @ Shanghai, the first JLABS site in Asia, and the largest JLABS site world-wide. JLABS @ Shanghai was inaugurated yesterday, June 27th. During the inauguration ceremony we received the QFC award.

In the next year we will have a presence in Shanghai, we will be supported by the JLABS program, and we will work with local clinical centers.

Approximately 700,000 new cases of lung cancer and 430,000 new cases of liver cancer are diagnosed every year in China. The potential of contributing improvements to a problem of such scale is humbling and exciting at the same time.